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The Future of News, Inc.

What is The Future of News, Inc.?
The news industry is now undergoing historic changes because of the Internet. We help those involved in this industry understand these changes, chart new directions, implement needed technologies, test new products and services, and gain competitive advantage in the dramatically different news marketplace that is emerging. We offer unique and valuable insights based upon several years of multi-disciplinary research in business strategy, consumer marketing, finance, history, journalism, political science, psychology, and technology — insights that can understandably elude those who have been closely associated with journalism as it has been practiced. We provide full-service support, from strategy to content to technology implementation.

Our activities
– Consulting
– Presentations, workshops, training
– Research
– Innovation, experimentation, testing
– Technology Implementation

Areas of support
– Strategic development
– Market and product development
– Transition to “Marketplace Journalism” practices
– Monetization
– Technology support

Who will benefit from our services
– News outlets seeking to develop new products and services to guarantee survival and growth
– Organizations/agencies seeking to reach audiences through New Media
– Journalists and advertising, PR, and other communications professionals
– News and communications executives, managers, and staff
– Non-technical and technical employees

Examples of topics available for presentations
(Note: All can be customized, other topics also available)
– Frameworks for the future of news
– News history as predictor of the future
– Political Ideology Clinic:
   Understanding and using bias for business advantage
– Lippo-Suction Clinic:
   Liberate your organization from the j-culture of Walter Lippman
– Marketplace Journalism fundamentals
– Online technologies for news
– Social Media for news
– Podcasting for news
– E-mail technologies for news

Fee structure
– Services are offered by the day
– Higher day rates for training classes and prepared presentations

Steve Boriss
David Strom

For more information contact:
– Steve Boriss
– The Future of News, Inc.
– E-mail: steve@TheFutureOfNews.com or sboriss@gmail.com
– Office: 314.576.1446
– Cell: 314.610.9877
– Fax: 314.576.2180

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