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Meet the Press move to rotating hosts avoids unfavorable comparisons to Russert 9/30/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

NBC is apparently giving up on the idea of a one-for-one replacement of Tim Russert as Meet the Press host. According to a well-placed source, instead they will rotate through an ensemble of hosts that will include NBC political director Chuck Todd and correspondent David Gregory.

Brilliant. Chances are, any single individual selected for this role would have been scrupulously compared to Tim Russert as the gold standard, with any deviation holding potential to be seen as a flaw. Use of an ensemble blurs these “follow-in-the-footstep” comparisons. Moreover, it even gives one ensemble member the opportunity to develop his/her own image and room to rise sufficiently to be an individual replacement some day.


1. Rocky Mt. Reader - 10/1/08

Interesting insight. Former fans strongly connected with Russert’s affable dependability. Is it possible that a revolving cast (all less likable than Russert) will be able to hold/create any viewer loyalty during the interim?

2. Steve Boriss - 10/1/08

I agree that holding onto viewer loyalty will be a big challenge. With no one-to-one replacement in the wings, the best they can do at this point is avoid driving away Russert fans permanently. The ensemble buys them time and a forum to find, test, or develop a new host.

3. Laurence Hallas - 10/2/08

nobody watches the Obama network anymore – well, I guess except Obamaphiles

4. Barrack Obama - 11/1/08

Tim Russert was a great man.

5. Sting - 3/22/09

If I ever lose my faith in you, there will not be anything left for me to do.

6. shimano xt - 8/16/09

Interesting information. I didn’t know that and thanks for bringing me up to speed. I will check back more often.

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