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CBS shows why we may be shifting from newspapers to news conglomerates 9/24/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

CBS’ CEO Leslie Moonves says his network is becoming a “one stop shop” for news and information that is now competing effectively against newspapers. Of all the recent bad news for newspapers, this may be among the worst.

To survive in a world without paper editions, online newspapers will need high rates for online ads, but news sites of network conglomerates will not. The conglomerates can spread their news production costs across all of their media platforms and properties, including their sports and entertainment divisions. In many cases they will not even care whether or not they recoup their news production costs, since much will have advertising value for their other properties. The network news conglomerate in the end may be what keeps rates down and newspapers out.


1. John Cokley - 9/30/08

Let’s move away from the conglomerates for a moment and discuss the future of journalism collectives: the idea is that independent (freelance) journalists would gather with citizen journalists and work out their business model to suit their needs and the needs of their audiences. Here lies a fertile field for discussion of quality assurrance, social needs, and business functions.

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