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Pregnant Palin stories point to a future of more salacious political stories 9/1/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

The future vetting process for salacious political rumors is taking shape. Those most beyond-the-pale will often start with partisan blogs, which are unteathered by journalism standards and motivated to find the worst in their adversaries. For example, liberal bloggers reported that VP candidate Sarah Palin faked a pregnancy for a fifth child to cover up for a pregnant daughter.

Traditional outlets will stand back and wait for permission to publish, which can be easily granted by a comment from a public spokesperson. In the Palin episode, this permission came when a McCain aide commented that he had no evidence the story was being pushed by the Obama camp.

With partisan blogs motivated to generate such rumors, and public figures providing permission to publish simply by acknowledging them, we can expect a bawdier future of news.


1. Ydobon - 9/4/08

Over half of U.S. voters (51%) think reporters are trying to hurt Sarah Palin with their news coverage

women voters by a 48% to 35% margin believe the coverage of Palin reveals a double standard in the media


Hat Tip to Hot Air.

2. Ydobon - 9/4/08

From Ron Malpeli, a commenter on Poynter

Posted by Ron Malpeli 9/3/2008 9:54:13 AM

“I guess I’m old school (56 years old) because I believe the role of ‘journalism’ is to report the facts, and the just facts, leave the editorializing to the op ed page.

Obviously, this is no longer the case. Obama gets a free ride, while Geraldine Ferraro gets swamped for stating the truth. Obama’s wife’s racist diatribe written while at Princeton, gets nothing, yet a woman who has stated she is against abortion, shows the world her family
practices what it preaches, gets villified.

If nothing else, Palin shows that the GOP is more mainstream than the Dems, who profess empathy with the underdog, down trodden and oppressed. More people can relate to having a pregnant teenager, than to Harvard\Princeton education.

The liberal media is going to be for a rude awakening come November.”

(Emphasis added.)

3. Ydobon - 9/4/08

From the Philadelphia Weekly.

“How in good conscience can I stand in front of a classroom and encourage college kids to enter a dying profession?” asks working journalist and Temple University journalism instructor G.W. Miller III. “My answer: Journalism isn’t dying. It’s just evolving. …The students of today — more so than ever before — have the ability to shape what the profession will someday look like. It’s my job to make sure they know that.”

Hat Tip to Romanesko at Poynter

4. Ydobon - 9/4/08

The Future of News, at Gannett Blog

“Regarding a videotaped USA Today staff meeting where Publisher Craig Moon reportedly criticized Gannett Blog, a reader says:

‘Funny, I didn’t know about this blog until our Ad Director called all Managers to her office to discuss the letter from the publisher announcing layoffs coming over the next couple of weeks. We were directed to snuff out any fires that arise from this blog. Then a week later, it was me who was laid off — not any of my employees! LOL.

Mark one up for the Ad Director — she blindsided me. But, thanks to her, I know abut this blog, and will tell everyone I know about it.'”

5. Ydobon - 9/4/08

An entirely unrelated story from The Newsosaur.

(Emphasis added).

Newspaper sales fall record $3B in 6 months.

“Total newspaper advertising revenues fell by $3 billion in the first six months of this year to $18.8 billion, the lowest level in a dozen years, according to data published today by the Newspaper Association of America.

The record 14% sales plunge featured the first-ever drop in online sales. Interactive revenues slipped by 2.3% in the second quarter of this year to $776.6 million. For the entire first half, online sales rose a modest $35 million, or 2.3%, to a bit less than $1.6 billion.”

6. Ydobon - 9/4/08

Closing the circle, from Small Dead Animals.

Jonathan Kay is embarrassed by an industry that probably doesn’t deserve him;

“A few weeks ago, I wrote a column arguing that readers will miss the mainstream media when we’re gone. Oh sure, bloggers have a lot of spicy opinions. But when it comes to investigating important stories, they don’t hold a candle to big, deep-pocketed, old-fashioned newspaper writers and broadcast media outlets.

Imagine my embarrassment, then, when it turned out this week that the flagship newscast on the biggest, deep-pocketedest, old-fashionedest Canadian media outlet of them all — the taxpayer-funded CBC–got suckered into reporting a story that the blogosphere chewed up, debunked and spit out two days earlier.”

The story? The CBC’s bogus smear on Sarah Palin.”

Be sure to read the rest of the post at SDA.

7. Ydobon - 9/5/08

Since you have seen fit to censor some of my comments, please remove the rest as well.

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