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Philly Inquirer’s pullback of online content just a slower form of suicide 8/10/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in PhilInquirer.

The Philadelphia Inquirer’s decision to protect its print newspaper franchise by holding all but breaking news from its web site is getting the scorn it deserves. One can understand the impulse to give readers more reasons to buy the paper. And, perhaps it might have been a good idea to implement this policy years ago, before it became a decided issue that virtually all newspaper content should also be available online.

The problem is that just at the time the Inquirer needs to step into the future, recognizing that its online versions are the future, they are making their online product worse. As Jeff Jarvis said, “They know that the internet is the present and the future and the paper is the past. Protecting the past is no strategy for the future. It is suicide.” The leap to online is scary and challenging, but it is preferable to suicide at a slower speed.


1. kgreenbaum - 8/10/08

I think it’s worthwhile to figure out what makes print unique vs. the web. Not sure The Inquirer’s move it the right one, but I understand what they’re trying to drive at. Check out this interview with Chris Krewson from the Inky.

2. STL Social Media Guy » Blog Archive » What I’ve read: Aug. 10 - 8/11/08

[…] Philly Inquirer’s pullback of online content just a slower form of suicide « The Future of News – Another view on the Inky. It’s not bad that they’ve tried to find a way to differentiate print from online. Worthwhile to read Ryan Sholin’s interview with Chris Krewson. […]

3. ihtreaders@gmail.com - 10/23/08

The group think reaction of the ‘establishment’ journo-blogosphere, it’s speed and unanimity, is remarkable. I’d hold judgement on this and observe.

There is no future, there is no past, there is now. And now changes all the time.

Jeff Jarvis, for example, likes to be thought of as a shepherd, but looks more to me more and more like a sheep.

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