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Video for radio web sites another giant leap toward convergence 7/23/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Convergence.

The artificial boundaries among traditional news media are coming to an end. For text and graphics the choice was newspapers. For audio it was radio. For video it was TV. But let’s say, as Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has, that in 10 years all media will converge onto the Internet. For delivering news, do newspapers simply transfer text and graphics onto web sites, radio stations provide only live streams and podcasts, and TV stations simply deliver video? No, they will all offer text, audio, and video and in the process become indistinguishable.

For years, we have also seen video on online newspaper sites and text/graphics on online TV sites. But now, radio is joining in on the action. Lost Remote reports that CBS Radio is launching WorldNow video, allowing their stations to offer video quite competitive with local TV stations. Actually, WorldNow is also available for newspaper and TV sites, so the blur among the media is that much greater. So ultimately, will we ever again be able to tell the difference among the media once the convergence to the Internet is done? Only those that distinguish themselves with original content, most likely hyperlocal. Newspapers are best positioned to pull that off, but only those with sufficient foresight to do it before they are totally consumed with cutting their newsroom staffs.


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