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NY Times finally showing some life, reacting to threat by WSJ 7/21/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in NYTimes, Wall Street Journal.

It has been months since the Wall Street Journal starting turning its ship in the direction of the New York Times for a direct confrontation. The Journal has been adding Times-like political and lifestyle coverage at a rapid clip, while the Times has seemed to be dead in the water. But perhaps, that’s all about to change.

Advertising Age reports that now the Times is adding Journal-like coverage of the “economy, energy, small business, personal finance and enterprise technology.” Moreover, the Times seems to be upping the ante online by including news aggregated from competitors, a step into the future that the Journal has not yet taken. It’s good for news consumers finally to see some healthy competition — a word that has been relatively absent from the news industry in the last century.


1. Mike Perry - 7/21/08

Yes, but will the NY Times make the really audacious step of giving McCain equal space in its OpEd columns with Obama? That’s a test they just failed.

Or, getting even more radical, will articles in the paper begin to look more like America and less like the opinions of a few people who live on a small island in the Hudson River?

I suspect they’d rather die than do that.

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