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NBC’s step backward, replacing Russert with Brokaw, shows network news is at its end 6/22/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in NetworkNews, TimRussert.

NBC has decided to take a step backward, replacing Tim Russert with dino-anchor Tom Brokaw on Meet the Press. Actually, the decision was made for them because a step forward, or even a step to the side, does not exist. Network news is over.

Tom Brokaw is a relic from the days America actually believed there was one right way to tell the news – the days when CBS’ Walter Cronkite ended his broadcasts, “that’s the way it is” and we actually believed him. But that myth could not survive the era of cable TV, talk radio, and the Internet, when we learned that what we were really hearing was the center-left voice of the Beltway establishment. In came Tim Russert whose unique talents allowed him to serve as network TV’s cheerful honest broker, earning the admiration of the Beltway, the Left, and the Right all at the same time. No one but Russert knew how to do this, and NBC’s next generation – the Chris Matthews’ and Keith Olbermann’s – alienate the Right. National news will now shift partisan, and will become the domain of fragmented cable channels and web sites. But don’t worry — this is the natural state of news in a democracy. America will be better for it.


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[…] are his decades of experience, headlining NBC Nightly News for more than 20 years. Steve Boriss of Future of News points out, this as a step backward. NBC has decided to take a step backward, replacing Tim Russert with […]

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