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Tim Russert was made for America. A model of civility in a nation that celebrates debate. 6/13/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in TimRussert.

I join everyone in mourning the untimely death of a great American, one of the mainstream media’s most beloved and respected figures. Many most admired his combination of toughness, fairness, and civility. Others, his ebullience that could bring life and drama to a topic as dull as politics often is. And, all of us seem to sense we have lost a very decent human being who never got too big for his family, friends, colleagues, or his home town of Buffalo.

Personally, I most admired how Russert’s smiling face and cheerful demeanor reminded us that as Americans we should celebrate, not bemoan our differences. Honest people can disagree. In fact, honest people should disagree in a country founded on the historically almost non-existent principle of maximum self-government. Even in nations as similar to us as the U.K., the idea that people should be involved in public policy debate on issues all the way down to the local level is met with bemusement. Russert was a figure who showed us that our opponents are engaged in a noble pursuit. We should thank them, and all should walk away with a smile. For that reason alone, he will be missed.


1. Suellen Greenberg - 6/16/08

Just got the very sad news of the passing of Tim Russert, who was truly a great American. He left us far too soon and will be missed by many.

2. cari - 6/19/08

What a country he would say, I say what a great guy! May he r.i.p. and his family know how much he was loved by everyone.

c. lavan

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