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Maybe news outlets should just forget about young readers. They’ve always been a difficult-to-reach niche. 6/6/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in YoungReaders.

World Association of Newspaper President Gavin O’Reilly makes a good point that his industry has had an unnecessary fixation with youth, largely driven by the advertising industry. After those remarks, he discussed the need to market newspapers to all generations, not just youth, but I wonder if it makes sense to take his “fixation” concern in another direction.

As newspapers make the transition to online media, perhaps they should not be giving young readers much attention at all. A Pew study shows that they have always been the lowest readership demographic. And, they have a remarkable habit of getting older, when they engage in much higher levels of readership. This makes sense — older readers are more settled in their homes and communities, and have a growing stake in news events in their areas. Newspapers have never been good at getting young readers — perhaps they should stick to what they do best.


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