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MediaNews Group CEO gives voice to a growing sentiment — big opportunities in news if journalists write for the consumer, not each other 6/4/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in NewsConsumer.

Dean Singleton, CEO of the MediaNews Group that publishes the Denver Post, is at the World Newspaper Congress in Sweden saying what increasing numbers of news execs believe, but few will say. “Once and for all, we’re going to have to quit writing and editing for each other and write and edit for that consumer out there,” he said. He called upon executives to “discard our arrogance and our old ideas.”

How much of a difference does Singleton think this simple change could make? The difference between a failing and a growing business, apparently. His company has invested almost half a billion dollars in new, modern printing plants in the past 2 years and continues to acquire newspapers — now numbering nearly 60 in 12 states. Singleton has gained a reputation for his lightning-rod comments and staff-slashing tactics, but the industry should be glad to have a figure whose strategy is winning, not whining.


1. Donn-E - 6/10/08

LOL yeah but go and work at any one of Slasher Singleton’s and see if you call it winning when he fires everyone and puts it in a strip mall.

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