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Breaking-up is hard to do? Not anymore, as the Internet launches a new era of news and ad aggregation. 5/19/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Aggregation.

Wherever else the Internet takes us, we now know it is a powerful force that breaks our media into pieces, while creating business opportunities for those who put the pieces back together. In music, it is breaking-up our albums into songs, while iTunes’ playlists piece them back together. In news, it is breaking-up our newspapers into articles, while the Drudge Report and blogger/aggregators piece them back together.

Now we are seeing the same trend in digital advertising, as the Internet is breaking-up our news outlets/portals into audience members, while ad networks piece them back together for sale to advertisers. For example, WorthNet.Fox will take down the walls between international News Corp and non-News Corp financial sites, allowing advertisers to follow and target a growing class of affluent executives who spend their time globally. Jeff Jarvis also senses a culture change among agencies who once viewed ad networks as cheap aftermarkets for unsold inventory, but now see opportunities for more targeted, efficient, and economical buys. Neil Sadaka once sang that breaking-up is hard to do. Since the Internet, now we know, we know it’s not true.


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