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See you and Dan Gillmor at Princeton’s “The Future of News” Conference May 14-15th! 4/17/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in PrincetonConference.

As Dan Gillmor points out, Princeton University will be holding a conference called “The Future of News” May 14-15th. While my blog’s name may have finally nailed the venue, Dan, my panel-mate, seems to have nailed the panel’s description. Titled “The people formerly known as the audience,” the description speaks to collective filtering and production of news by amateurs. That’s pretty different from my forecast of a multitude of voices competing in a freewheeling marketplace of ideas, featuring many topic experts who are amateur journalists. Should be an interesting discussion.

Believe it or not, registration is FREE and comes with, not one, but two free lunches. Are they trying to tell us something about what online news in the future will be like? To register, contact the Center for Information Technology Policy’s Laura Cummings-Abdo (lcumming@princeton.edu) in the very near future.


1. Jason - 4/19/08

The conference sounds like a great time.

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