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The future of local TV is in direct competition with online newspapers for hyperlocal news 4/16/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

Cory Bergman directs our attention to the “Going Local…in a New Direction” panel at the NAB conference, where TV stations are urged to take a broader view of their local websites, given this category’s flat to down growth. They are being encouraged to launch products outside their core competencies, such as local ad networks, content aggregators, and hyperlocal communities.

But, you know something’s wrong when they’re encouraging businesses to do something they instinctively know not to do — get outside of their “core competencies.” And the good news is that one of those options is not — it’s just a stretch. Who says local TV can’t do a good job handling hyperlocal news? They have reporters, equipment, and tech skills. And, as I’ve written many times, hyperlocal news done right should be even more interesting to viewers — it more directly affects their lives than metro level news, which was always a choice forced upon consumers by technology, not something consumers ever chose on their own. But, there’s an even better reason for local TV to pounce on hyperlocal — when networks have cut-out local broadcasters as unnecessary middlemen in the supply chain, and all media has converged on the Internet, they will be competing head-to-head against former newspapers, online. And the only original content left, with an Internet full of the same stories at metro, national, and international levels is hyperlocal news. Go hyperlocal, young man!


1. hyperlocal101 - 4/16/08

TV is totally boring and lacks the engagement factor which can be created by reality media created by citizen journalist.

I think the real question needs to be how… Broadcast networks are going to start getting more reality based, multi point of view content from it’s users rather than depend on one a few hired reporters and then edit to represent a favored point of view.

Who ever figures this out first is gonna make a lot of $$$

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