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If Murdoch is right, the future of news will feature even more sex and violence 4/4/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized, UpscaleDownscale.

An innocent comment by Rupert Murdoch suggests a far from innocent future of news. In a speech at Georgetown University, he predicted that as a result of increased competition, news will be available even to those who traditionally could not afford it. The history of news clearly tells us the result when that happens — news goes “low class.” That is, a larger percentage of news content caters to the less cultured tastes of the downscale. It means less politics and business, and more sex. violence, crime, and human interest. More titillation, less deliberation. More sensationalism, less restrained-ism. More T&A, less S&P.

We first saw this phenomenon in the early 1800’s, when the efficiencies of new steam-engine-driven presses allowed papers to drop their prices from 14% of a daily farm worker’s wages to a penny. Papers began running all sorts of material appealing to emotion and prurient interests. This trend stalled at the turn of the century, when the upscale seized the news industry back from the excesses of Yellow Journalism, and rallied behind the New York Times, which featured “all the news that’s fit to print.” Shut out of the mainstream news business, the downscale over time found other media to satisfy their cravings, including supermarket tabloids and TV talk shows like Jerry Springer. But as all news converges onto the Internet, much of it free, the high- and low-brow will be side-by-side, just one mouse-click away. Many journalists will have to cover stories they previously thought were beneath them in ways they thought were beneath them. Once journalists fantasized about changing the world. Soon, many will be happy just to supply the world with fantasies. Oh, how the mighty will have fallen.


1. Ujjawal - 4/7/08

With the increased medium newspaper in order to sell to the masses will put the news which masses connects and enjoys and unfortunately violence and Sex and right on top of the list.Murdoch might be right however I do not see his empire surviving the future.

2. ¡Tú medio está muriendo! « Horacio Garay - 11/6/08

[…] por Murdoch en su pasado discurso en la Universidad de Georgetown, creo que, al igual como menciona Steve Boriss, el futuro de las noticias se encaminará como si fuese algo cíclico, en algo cada vez más […]

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