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News without reporters? That was our past and it will be our future 3/23/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

reporter.jpgThis week at Pajamas Media I explore the future of reporters. One of journalists’ recurring put-downs of bloggers is that they are simply recycling someone else’s news — that there will always be a need for reporters to produce it. But, that’s just because they have lost perspective on what a reporter actually is – a middleman. On one side are news events, and on the other are audiences who want to know about them. A reporter’s job is to move “the truth” from Point A to Point B as accurately as possible. Can’t the Internet eliminate this middleman? In fact, America had a reporterless past and will likely have a reporterless future. Read all about it at Pajamas Media.


1. How many reporters would readers miss? | By Daniel Victor - 3/24/08

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2. A response to an article by Steve Boriss entitled News Without Reporters « Journalism 300 Blog - 12/20/10

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