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No one is being fooled by liberal journalists pretending to be moderates 3/19/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Moderates.

It is hard to imagine an organization more hypocritical than the American Society of Newspaper Editors. They have a “diversity mission” that posits “that a diverse newsroom will better cover America’s communities.” Yet once again, they had nothing to say when the annual Pew State of the News Media report showed an almost total lack of diversity — self-described liberal journalists now outnumber conservatives by 32% to 8% among the national media, a margin of 4-to-1. For an industry that would have us believe they provide objective news of government and politics, this is a disgrace.

But more disgraceful still is that a majority of the journalists Pew surveyed would not even tell us the truth about their political leanings. More than half (53%) claimed to be moderate, quite a lot more than the 39% found in the general population. But we know from an earlier Pew survey just how moderate these moderates are. When asked whether belief in God was necessary to be moral, 58% of the general public agreed, but only 12% of self-described moderate journalists. On the same survey, when asked whether homosexuality should be accepted by society, 51% of the general public agreed compared to a whopping 84% of moderate journalists. In other words, self-described moderate journalists are liberal journalists involved in a cover-up. Unfortunately for them, the public knows it and resents it. After all, the press taught them it is never the crime, but the cover-up that precedes the fall.


1. Fresh Air - 3/20/08

Another point is that since the average “journalist” is already a couple of standard deviations to the left of center, the number of true leftwing zealots is correspondingly much higher than average. This is why people like Nedra Pickler, Scott Lindlaw, Adam Clymer, Linda Greenhouse, etc. are so in evidence.

The whole lot of them is a disgrace.

2. Ken Hahn - 3/23/08

To a professional “intellectual”, including journalists, moderate means having political positions that fall between such conservatives as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and such liberals as Ralph Nader and Jeremiah Wright. Moderates, in their sight, would be people like Ted Kennedy and Howard Dean.

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