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The NY Times’ unforgivable role as pimp for Client #9 3/11/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in NYTimes, Spitzer.

As the Wall Street Journal notes, Eliot Spitzer’s delusion that a sitting NY Governor could hire a prostitute was only the last act of a man whose arrogance, thuggishness, and disregard for limits made him too dangerous to govern. In his successful campaign for NY Attorney General, he flagrantly violated campaign finance laws, then lied about it. He routinely threatened indictments and made public accusations to force the dismissal of executives such as AIG’s Hank Greenberg. He threatened former Goldman Sachs chief John Whitehead for publishing an article defending Greenberg, saying “I will be coming after you. You will pay the price. This is only the beginning, and you will pay dearly for what you have done.”

The Founding Fathers gave us freedom of the press mostly so newspapers could help protect our rights from government tyrants like Mr. Spitzer. But from the very beginning, the NY Times breached its faith with the people and sided with tyranny. In their editorial endorsement for Spitzer for Attorney General, the Times more or less admitted he was a campaign finance crook, but told readers to vote for him anyway. And, time after time, they lauded and promoted his government attacks on private sector firms and individuals, forgetting that their First Amendment responsibility is exactly the opposite — to protect private citizens from the abuses of government. The government is the sector that has ultimate power, not businesses which are at the mercy of the marketplace. Just like the other people in that old NY Times ad campaign, Eliot Spitzer got his job through the NY Times. But the people will have to go elsewhere for a paper that fulfills its most important job — to defend our freedoms. (H/T: Garry Rains)


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2. Brian Fuller - 3/12/08

Amen, brother. You hit the nail on the head. I would add to your rogue’s gallery of one the name of Brook Masters who wrote a fawning biography of Spitzer. I heard her on NPR yesterday. That interviewed mirrored her quoted to Xinhua: “She said she was ‘really surprised that [the scandal is] about personal ethics.'”
But then again, you apparently didn’t get access to Spitzer if you wrote anything less than a ode to the man.

3. Reuben - 3/13/08

Omayn brother. The NYT and Spitzer — A clear and indisputable case of evil empowering evil — a treasonous leftists press facilitating a monster.

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