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Is mainstream media selling out to the Clinton machine to save their profession? 3/10/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in ProPublica.

If you believe that newspapers can revive high-quality investigative journalism by outsourcing the work to hard-core leftists and Clinton political operatives, you may be qualified to write for the NY Times. Today, the Times gave us yet another breathless piece on a highly suspicious non-profit called “ProPublica.” The article, implausibly titled “Self-Made Philanthropists,” tells us about a couple of sweet-little-old-billionaires who out of the goodness of their hearts will be donating $10 million per year for an organization that will produce investigative journalism and distribute it to news outlets that are increasingly unable to afford it.

While the Times refers to this couple, the Sandlers, as “philanthrocapitalists,” “philanthromarxists” seems more fitting. We learn from the article that they have been major funders of such lefty organizations as the American Civil Liberties Union and Acorn. We learn that they started the Center for American Progress, a leftist think-tank set-up to counter the Heritage Foundation and Cato Institute on the right. This organization is often associated with far-left billionaire George Soros and is now run by former Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta, according to the article. The NY Times might have mentioned that in 2004 alone, the Sandlers donated $2.5 million to the lefty MoveOn.org, an organization that arose during Clinton’s impeachment troubles to staunchly defend him.

So, this is the vehicle that will help Old Media outlets regain the public’s trust in their veracity and objectivity? Laughably, the idea that the Sandlers want objectivity at all is contradicted right in the article, where it says they want ProPublica to change public policy. At one point, they even considered engaging lobbyists to push for changes after they published exposes. But, we are helpfully assured that thanks to their new managing editor “they are no longer saying that” and now stress “the importance of journalistic neutrality.” Glad we cleared that up… So, if this investigative organization cannot even expose the truth about itself, what exactly is it up to? My hunch is that Barack should watch his back — ProPublica is likely yet another arm of the Hillary Clinton political machine, this time masquerading as a charity providing objective, investigative journalism. But whatever it is, the real publica is not as stupid as the Sandlers think they are, and Old Media outlets that touch their partisan stories will be burned.


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