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Journalism’s claims of “objectivity” died on Saturday Night Live 3/3/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Objectivity.

Mainstream media was better off when the public was mad at them. The problems began when those on the right started to complain about liberal media bias. They were labeled as angry, mean-spirited, paranoid kooks. Then, conservative talk radio and Fox News Channel emerged. Their audiences were labeled as misfits who were not only angry, but also too closed-minded to face the truth as presented by the objective mainstream media. Eventually, with help from Bernard Goldberg’s book on bias, some very high profile Old Media failures (e.g. Dan Rather’s forged documents), and the Internet, the idea that the mainstream media were biased became mainstream. Those on the right remained mad, while those on the left, who benefited from the center-left bias, understandably did not get quite so worked-up.

But now, the public has gone beyond being mad at media bias. They are laughing hysterically. With the latest bias victim being one of the center-left’s own candidates, and the pro-Obama bias blatantly obvious to everyone, it is now getting difficult for anyone to take the mainstream media and its insistence on its own objectivity seriously anymore. The skit below on Saturday Night Live, a program we can assume has a young, liberal audience, is devastating. Old Media just lost its chance to restore its reputation for objectivity – the firewall that we are told differentiates journalists from bloggers. Some unexpected people are now getting the last laugh.


1. reuben - 3/4/08


The reality is actually funnier than the sketch. Billary are being outflanked on the left by the leftist monster (media/academy/cultural marxism) that created them and which they nurtured in turn. What could Old Media love more than a female socialist? Why a Marxist of mixed-ethnicity of course! Old Media is like a trolling pimp always on the look-out for a younger sweeter “ho” to trick. Has any cultural trend been so clearly unmasked in living memory?

It would be even funnier if somebody produced a sketch with Old Media types swooning over increasingly left-oriented candidates while abandoning (like a morning-after-one-night-stand) the previous one until they wound up with the proverbial female-transgendered African paraplegic dwarf atheist-muslim neo-Marxist whose platform is based on the UN taking over the US (or some such mishegas).

2. reuben - 3/4/08

On a more realistic note: I am not so sure the young, liberal SNL audience will make the connection between media bias and the sketch. It might actually serve to reinforce their likely perception that Obama is simply a transcendent figure — so transcendent in fact that even “objective media authorities from on high” are captivated. After all we are talking about brainwashed early twenty-somethings.

3. Ed Driscoll.com - 3/9/08

Media Bias, Then And Now

As I’ve written before, the mass media of the latter half of the 20th century invariably went out of their way to pooh-pooh any claims of bias. (Dan Rather, naturally enough, was a past master at this technique.) But for…

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