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New Media is now in control of the Presidential nominating process 2/27/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in NominatingProcess.

This week at Pajamas Media, I explore whether New Media has changed the way we select our Presidential nominees. Has it reduced the ability of the mainstream media and the political establishment to pick our candidates for us? At first blush, it might not seem so. All three remaining possibilities are U.S. Senators perennially embraced by Old Media, and the Press seemed to enjoy mocking conservative talkers and bloggers for failing to defeat McCain. But, don’t be fooled. Starting with this election cycle, New Media has now seized control of the Presidential nominating process, probably forever. Read more at Pajamas Media.


1. frankwolftown - 2/28/08

This makes me think about the time I was listening to a radio mourning guy who was mocking the first youtube debate with the Democratic Party. He thought it was completely moronic that the first question was made by a guy holding a Snowman. Off this was shortly after he lost his station in Chicago. His radio name is Mancow. I guess he really showed how clueless he is when he did that.

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