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Meet the Tyrants: The people at “Free Press” now working to block your free speech on the Internet 2/15/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in FreePress.

Go ahead, look into their eyes. How could these smiling faces be doing so much evil, most of them likely having no idea how stupid, wrong, and dangerous their cause is? When our nation was founded, everyone understood that when we were guaranteed a “free press,” that meant we could freely publish whatever we wanted, free from the intervention of government — an otherwise unchecked power that could suppress our individual rights. But, this collection of naifs, eggheads, elitists, Marxist bitter-enders, and what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots” is fighting for the government’s FCC to control more of our speech, essentially reversing our First Amendment freedoms and suppressing their extension onto the Internet.

There is no nice way to put it — their leaders are liars. The name “Free Press” is a lie, because they are fighting for an unfree press. Their cause called “net neutrality” is a lie — this deceptively-named movement is about a hypothetical problem for which Free Press is now pushing for an irrevocably fatal solution — expand the FCC’s free speech-killing powers to the now blissfully unregulated Internet. This would end the historic opportunity the Internet represents — the first communications technology in the history of the world that a government did not in some way seize to block criticism of rulers and politicians.

Personally, I would like to know who is behind this Orwellianly-named group and where their apparently more-than-ample money is coming from. Hey, you journalism-Jurassic-park-building dinosaurs over there at ProPublica, who vow to bring back investigative journalism that fights for the public. Investigate THIS! (Hat Tip: Walter Abbott)


1. reuben - 2/18/08

Don’t bother looking into their eyes to discover the evil…just read their bio’s. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, but I am more inclined to cry.

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