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Old and New Media seeking business success should be listening to Rush Limbaugh 2/14/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in RushLimbaugh.

limbaugh.jpgPerhaps the only thing about Rush Limbaugh on which everyone can agree is that he has been enormously successful in an area where few have succeeded — New Media. With both Old and New Media now desperately seeking financially sustainable business models, is there anything they can be learning from his success? A Time Magazine interview with Limbaugh reveals some secrets from the master:

Top priority must be business success
“I treat [my radio program] as a business. My definitions for success have nothing to do with who wins elections, but rather, is the program growing audience-wise? Are we attracting new sponsors?”

Present a unique, likable personality
“I just come here and I try to have fun every day. And I’m honest…I have the benefit here of not having anybody tell me what I can or can’t say. It’s totally up to me.”

Bond with your audience. Never look down on them
“I don’t think politicians…are responsible for the greatness of the country. I think it’s…ordinary people doing extraordinary things…The media thinks that they’re all hayseeds and hicks without minds of their own…I was the first so-called national voice espousing conservatism and people glommed onto it because finally, “Somebody who agrees with me!”

Recognize you are an entertainer and compete like one
“It’s show biz…There’s a lot of competition. And you have to do certain things to cut through the noise…such as [say] “Talent On Loan From God”…Those are just the showbiz things.”

Celebrate, don’t denigrate, the people’s voices engaged in debate
“I’ll get calls from people who are new listeners,…”Why can’t you help people come together?” And I say…all I’m interested in here is a more informed, educated, engaged, participatory public in matters of state. The more…who are informed and passionately engaged [the] better off…the country.”

Those in media who are too partisan or prideful to listen to learning from Limbaugh do so at their own risk. This is a man with business talent on loan from God.


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