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No speech for you. News Nazi Michael Copps soon to be most dangerous man in America. 2/12/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

copps.jpgHitler had Joseph Goebbels, and the American political class has FCC Commissioner Michael Copps. Both are men who believe government should control our speech so that we hear what the government wants us to hear. Way harsh, you say? Just listen to his own words. “Half a trillion dollars…that’s a conservative evaluation of the airwaves that our country lets TV and radio broadcasters use for free. It’s just about the biggest chunk of change our government gives to any private industry.” Got that? He thinks that the air you breathe and the electromagnetic waves that travel through it are the property of the federal government. When we use them without a fee we have accepted welfare. So how much in federal benefits did you receive today when you used your wireless router, spoke on your cordless phone, shouted over your fence to your neighbor, or simply took a breath?

And of couse, something must be done about all that crap you are watching, he tells us. “Too little news, too much baloney passed off as news. Too little quality entertainment, too many people eating bugs on reality TV…Too much brain-numbing national playlists. Too little of America, too much of Wall Street and Madison Avenue.” So, he wants to give broadcasters a full rectal exam every three years, with their licenses renewed only if their programming meets his government-loving tastes. And, did you catch that cute little thing at the end about “Too little of America, too much of Wall Street and Madison Avenue?” In his twisted mind, “America” is the federal government, not the worthless private lives of a supposedly free people.

So, how has a kook like this become so powerful, much less why is he even walking the streets? He is President Bush’s single worst appointment, and it was to fill a Democratic seat on the FCC. If Clinton or Obama win, they will not be bothered to prevent this loyal Democrat from taking the majority’s seat, and he will become our FCC commissioner from hell. And if McCain wins, Copps will not be marginalized by a President who authored the free speech-killing McCain-Feingold campaign finance law. Copps will almost certainly make a grab at regulating the Internet. So, everyone from the far-left to the far-right must now join together to fight the most dangerous man in America. For those seeking unity, you just got it. The two sides will no longer be left vs. right, but the Political Class against the rest of us.


1. Right Angles » Blog Archive » The most dangerous man in America - 2/13/08

[…] it’s not Hillary Clinton (har!). It’s FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, according to Steve Boriss: Hitler had Joseph Goebbels, and the American political class has FCC Commissioner Michael Copps. […]

2. reuben - 2/18/08

Now those ARE the eyes of evil! Never mind the bio.

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