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Conservatives despise McCain because they despise mainstream media 1/31/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in McCain.

If the conservative movement were physics, the universe would contain two forces of energy. One is an attraction to the ideas of Ronald Reagan, and the other is a repulsion from mainstream media. This repulsion has been described as “anger,” but it is more accurately called “frustration.” After all, it’s been one thing for conservatives to endure a mainstream media with a monolithic center-left bias. But, it’s another for the media not to recognize their bias, believing themselves to be simply presenting the correct way to look at things. So media has not only presented the right as wrong, but also as some combination of stupid, selfish, mean-spirited, and morally deficient.

John McCain has been a stick used by the mainstream media to poke the right, and conservatives deeply resent him for it. The media built-up McCain as a hero — a reasonable, moderate, “maverick,” “straight-talking” man who by his testimony proved the point that conservative Republicans were some combination of stupid, selfish, mean-spirited, and morally deficient. The more McCain wandered away from the Reagan reservation, the more media exposure they gave him. And, he used it to condemn tax cuts, evangelicals, conservative judges, prudence on global warming, free speech in campaigning, border enforcement, and even a sitting Republican President. Conservatives are so steamed about McCain’s media complicity, they are beyond persuasion with hard facts, like his impressive 83% lifetime rating by The American Conservative Union, not too far below Newt Gingrich’s 90%. All they know is that when they needed him, he chose to get air time at their expense.

But, mainstream media’s use of McCain has been done mostly at their own expense. They are not immune from these forces of conservative energy, which spontaneously created a hostile alternative media universe. So far, it has spawned talk radio and Fox News. Soon, a Wall Street Journal that is reborn as the anti-NYTimes. And ultimately, constellations of news outlets that are habitable to conservatives and do not treat them like aliens.


1. Fresh Air - 2/1/08

The media will, of course, attempt to ruin McCain once he becomes the nominee.

It will be interesting to see if Evan Thomas’s famous 15 points will materialize this time around. I have to believe it won’t because the Mediacrats’ credibility has declined even further since 2004.

We also have the interesting case of Iraq, where severe cognitive dissonance will soon set in among the 30-50 percent of the population that still thinks we are losing the war.

2. Steve Boriss - 2/1/08

Fresh Air, Those are interesting issues. I agree with you that the Press will attempt to ruin McCain should he get the nomination. Like all past Republicans, he will be labeled either as stupid, selfish, mean-spirited, or morally deficient. Rehashing Keating 5 might be tried. Perhaps they will place focus on his temper and personal meanness. They’ve made their job more difficult by building him up over the years.

Would it work? Probably less well that it might have pre-Internet. I have real doubts that he would win the general election anyway because of lack of enthusiasm among the Republican Party’s conservative base. I am beginning to think that just as the mainstream media has lost its ability to pick the Democratic candidate, this may be the last election in which the Republican establishment might be able to pick their candidate. Still too early to tell anything, though. Let’s see what happens Tuesday.

3. Fresh Air - 2/1/08

I’m a big fan of the Law of Unintended Consequences. The Mediacrats have never heard of it, I guess. They have eroded their own credibility, year by year, in an effort to get rid of conservatives and their ideas. They have peddled junk science, presented countless statistically irrelevant studies supporting various leftwing pieties, and committed character assassinations of honorable men and women of the right. The cumulative effects of this 40 year program to turn newsrooms into political instruments is bracing.

But the winds have begun to shift. We are entering an unsettled era, when even as the AP continues its daily shilling for terrorists, raw reporting from the likes of Pajamas Media is still nascent or, at best, poorly done. After witnessing the media’s treasonous behavior in Iraq, I wondered what would happen if there was event closer to home. Would the local bloggers be able to keep them honest?

The answer, in 2005, was a resounding “No!” as Hurricane Katrina disproved my theory. But now that we’ve had it, the media’s ability to repeat their vicious mendacity and criminal stupidity is lessened. So, too with the next war…and on and on. The de-monopolization of the MSM will take a decade perhaps, but it is coming.

When a majority of people in this country say they believe little or nothing they read in the newspaper (as they do today), there is hope that truth can re-emerge as the most important element of news.

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