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Blacklash in SC: News segregation may be next phase for black community, with integration hopefully to follow 1/27/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in RaceRelations.

For decades, there has been an unhealthy relationship between the mainstream media and the black community. The center-left Press followed its center-left template, requiring that for every social problem there must be groups assigned to the roles of victims, oppressors, and the enlightened. So for decades, race relations coverage has been communicating: 1) the dispiriting message to blacks that they are victims who cannot make it on their own; 2) the irritating message to whites that they are oppressors who are to blame for the misfortunes of blacks and must make sacrifices; and 3) to all of us that the enlightened from whom we must take direction include such questionable, creepy, manipulative, and arguably predatory and plundering figures as Bill Clinton, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.

A very unfortunate side-effect of this limited mindset has been that the media has inadvertently enforced these roles, limiting progress toward racial reconciliation. In effect, the media has been using blacks as tools to enforce their template, which as CBS’ Bernard Goldberg has pointed out, also served to make reporters feel better about themselves, i.e. giving themselves credit for being enlightened. Don’t kid yourself — the mainstream media has never cheered the progress of blacks, either on the left or right side on the political spectrum. On the right, the mainstream media derided the ascension of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, guberatorial nominee Ken Blackwell (OH), and U.S. Senate nominee Michael Steele (MD). On the left, they rooted for Andrew Cuomo over Carl McCall before Cuomo withdrew from the NY gubernatorial primary, then ignored McCall in the general election. And prior to the Iowa caucus, there was unified mainstream media cheerleading for Hillary over Obama.

Obama’s big win in South Carolina in part reflected a new recognition among the black community that racism was being used by the center-left establishment toward their own agendas — a recognition made possible by the greatly increased amount of information we now receive through alternative media. The black community had already begun to withdraw from their membership in mainstream media through newspapers and cable TV channels targeted to them. Now, this news segregation process will likely accelerate with the development of a multitude of black-oriented web sites. Hopefully, integration with the broader American community will follow as some of these black web sites ultimately develop audiences which hold viewpoints that break the monolithic angry-black-left template and overlap with audiences from the broader population. But unfortunately, we are about to enter a new period of segregation, and the possibility for future integration, at this point, is more of a hope than a promise.


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