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Monica permanently wrecked mainstream media, if not a marriage 1/16/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in Monica.

Monica & BillThis week at Pajamas Media, I explore how the Monica Lewinsky scandal left a stain on mainstream media that will never come off. It is a root cause of the recent, dramatic losses in Old Media audiences, and a key reason they may never re-emerge as leading New Media brands. Hint: it involves mainstream media’s outside-the-mainstream inability to label and condemn immoral behavior. Did Old Media sell its soul to a devil with a blue dress on? Read more about it at Pajamas Media.


1. Nick - 1/16/08

Was it “Monica” that wrecked the mainstream media, or
was it the Clintons? Why put the blame on the 21-year
old intern, who behaved like a lot of foolish 21-year olds
do, and not the middle-aged scumbag she got involved
with? The Clintons have destroyed the lives of countless
people and walk away unscathed,more popular and more powerful than ever, while their victims are ruined.

2. Steve Boriss - 1/16/08

Nick, Well said. So well said, that I’m reluctant to quibble that, if you read it closely, the article really does place all the blame on Clinton. Next I’d place blame on her parents who defended her and raised such a low class creature. At some point, a 22 year old should know that you should not have an affair with a married man. Can we agree that they all stink?

3. Brian H - 1/17/08

Nick, stupid comment. It was the affair and the media’s reluctance to label Bill’s behaviour as immoral that disgusted people about the media. Monica was just the bimbo-du-jour, and it could have been any one of the nubile pages Bill collected.

No one blames her, and the article doesn’t suggest it.

4. Brian H - 1/17/08

Actually, I now see how you came to that conclusion. The headline starts out, “Monica permanently wrecked…”.

Never hold a writer responsible for the headline. They are written by another, lower class of beings who often don’t even read the whole item, but just scan for hot buttons to hype.

Shame on PJM for following this time-dishonoured tradition.

5. Steve Boriss - 1/17/08

Brian, Actually, I am going to take responsibility for writing that headline. Yes, Clinton is mostly to blame. Still, the incident involved her and her immoral, marriage-wrecking behavior. And were it not for her particular bimbo eruption, the mainstream media might not be in as bad shape as it is.

6. Nick - 1/17/08

My point is that people, unless they’re saints, tend to screw up when they’re young. God knows I did things
in my late teens/early twenties that I’m not proud of.
But Clinton was pushing fifty, so in my opinion the blame is all on him. As for the “mainstream media”, it
treated the whole thing as entertainment, rather than as
a serious issue. Nowadays, the media is all about tabloid crap rather than real news, even Fox News.

7. Steve Boriss - 1/17/08

Nick, I couldn’t have agreed more, until I got to the last sentence. Mainstream media has convinced us that the most important news in our lives is about government and politics. But, our country is not about government — it is about individuals pursuing happiness, while keeping government from infringing on our rights to do the same. The future of news will be about many more diverse topics, and it will be about a lot more things that directly affect our lives as individuals, starting with news of family and friends (e.g. Facebook), then going outward in decreasing importance through our communities, our personal interests, our need for diversion (a.k.a. “entertainment”) and eventually to the main fare of metro-area and higher news that is now what is known as “news.” For those who have a particular passion for “real news,” it will be a whole lot better because truth will emerge from a multitude of voices in debate rather than elites dispensing their version of “the truth.”

8. Nick - 1/17/08

Actually, if you watch the media, the most important news involves missing blondes and crazy pop stars.
Not surprising, given that the major news outlets are owned by entertainment conglomerates.You’re right
that the Net has changed things, mostly for the better,
but even there “real news” is a small niche in a sea of

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