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The era of political correctness is over because Old Media has lost its power to grant moral authority 1/15/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in PoliticalCorrectness.

David Brooks has a column today noting the absurdity of the identity politics of the Clinton vs. Obama race. Hillary is playing the role of the oppressed woman and Obama the oppressed African-American, beating-up each other because a candidate representing the uber-oppressor, the white male establishment, is nowhere in sight. But this time, it is not just Brooks who is laughing at this spectacle — everyone is, while younger voters don’t even understand what the whole thing is about. Why isn’t this schtick working anymore? It’s because Old Media isn’t working anymore.

Old Media has been the lifeblood of this identity politics and its first cousin, political correctness, both of which have done a lot of damage to America. It has forced us to look at our fellow Americans, not as individuals, but as members of groups, insisting that we judge people on the basis of their race and gender — in other words that we develop racist and sexist stereotypes. It has pitted us against each other by labeling some of us as oppressors, whose views and values are to be dismissed, and others of us as victims, to be treated like sensitive, hothouse flowers who cannot withstand the criticism that comes with free speech, and who others must condescendingly acknowledge are incapable of making it on our own without a government spoils system.

Old Media has created and propped-up this system by granting moral authority and precious, ideologically-imbalanced news time to angry grievance-mongers who profit from it. But in New Media, there are an unlimited number of individuals who can achieve moral authority, an unlimited number of people who can grant them this authority, and an unlimited number of alternative views. Old Media has lost its power to make us hate each other.


1. hughhewitt - 1/16/08

I guess when you write a bunch of crap that nobody reads you can just keep writing it and writing it.

Kids today don’t even understand the false outrage of the never oppressed! And everything is the media’s fault.

This is just hilarious:
“It has forced us to look at our fellow Americans, not as individuals, but as members of groups, insisting that we judge people on the basis of their race and gender”

So let me get this straight, you are a victim of the oppression of the “old media”. The media makes people racists! You are a straight up moron. I love this meme starting to build on the right about identity politics being some sort of craven creation of the leftists.

This screed is pretty sad, but I guess the typing keeps you from killing the pierced lesbian you are forced to buy your lattes from.

2. Steve Boriss - 1/16/08

Hughhewitt, My goal is to someday be so respected that you will choose to desecrate my name instead of Hugh Hewitt’s.

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