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You’re Fired! The Media Doesn’t Get to Pick the Democratic Nominee Anymore 1/8/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in DemNomination.

MSM PickMy article this week at Pajamas Media notes the historic importance of this year’s Iowa Caucus — it confirmed that the mainstream media’s control over the selection of the Democratic nominee has ended permanently. The media for decades has been acting more like a political party than news professionals, using biased coverage to steer Democratic voters to the center-left candidate with whom journalists and Beltway elites felt most comfortable. But, a two-year-old prophesy by MSNBC’s Howard Fineman was fulfilled last week. Based on the career-ending thrashing Dan Rather received from the blogosphere over a forged, anti-Bush memo, Fineman declared that the “American Mainstream Media Party” (AMMP) was over. Iowa proved him right. Read more at Pajamas Media.


1. Laurence Hallas - 1/9/08

Your position was underlined after the ‘surprising’ NH win by Clinton last night. Has anyone ever seen a larger contingent of the MSM jumping off her ship (and on to Obama’s) than what happened in the days after Iowa? They even pulled a “Muskie” as they hyped her vulnerability. And many of us were sucked in (note double-digit poll leads by O over the weekend). Clearly, the media is jerking back and forth trying to find their footing – but as you predict, they will soon get the boot (themselves) :}

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