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What Journalism Schools Should Be Teaching 1/2/08

Posted by Steve Boriss in J-schools.

J-SchoolsMy article this week at Pajamas Media explores journalism schools. Should those seeking careers in news attend them? Can today’s j-schools — with faculties that consist almost entirely of Old Media experts and practitioners, courses about conventional media tactics, and premises built upon now-failing models of objectivity and verification — prepare students for the new world of New Media? Of course not. Check-out my blueprint for a 21st-century curriculum at Pajamas Media.


1. Craig McGill - 1/3/08

It’s a fair point you make, but I think old media still has a place at the moment in teaching the basics – not so much the inverted pyramid – but what actually is news and how to find it/present it.

Of course I’m writing this from a UK viewpoint where standards are a little different. Not necessarily better, just different.

2. David - 1/3/08

I recently finished at Columbia school of journalism. I’m still not sure what just happened.

3. Brian H - 1/14/08

Excellent article. Possibly a fundamental problem with the claim of objectivity is the time frame; for “news”, it’s just too short for anything like actual verification. The best that can be offered is honest disclosure of personal viewpoint and biases, or at least refraining from denying they exist or are relevant.

I know, let’s pass a law! The front page “below the fold” of every newspaper must consist solely of corrections, updates, and acknowledgment of errors, every day. TV news, after the up-front listing of stories to be covered, must then immediately make corrections and amends for earlier errors, before going on to the new ones. 😉

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