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FCC and Media Consolidation: Once again, the Press betrays the people, fails to do the one job Jefferson most wanted them to do 12/20/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in FCC, MediaConsolidation.

The Old Media’s corruption from the original mandate it was given by our Founding Fathers is now so complete, it is almost un-American to hope they survive. According to Thomas Jefferson, the Press was to serve as a “fence” to keep government from encroaching on individuals’ natural rights, not least of which are the right to speak and publish our views. That’s why these guaranteed rights appear in the very First Amendment in the Bill of Rights, along with explicit language declaring that Congress must pass no laws that tinker with them. That’s right — no laws.

Apparently, there is a part of the word “no” that Old Media does not understand. The Press not only supported laws like McCain-Feingold that eliminated free speech (for us, not them) within 60 days of a Federal election, they supported the creation of an entire agency to interfere with our free speech and free press, the FCC, and continue to cheerlead for this agency to suppress our freedom of expression even more. For example, a NY Times editorial this week whined about an FCC vote granting the LA Times a life-saving variance from a misguided rule limiting joint newspaper/TV station ownership, while not saying a peep about a brand new FCC power grab that regulates ownership of previously more-or-less unregulated cable TV. The editorial writers had the gall to tell us that this variance could lead to the boogeyman “media consolidation” that would threaten the “diversity of views needed for a healthy democracy.” Hmmmm. Has anyone noticed a “diversity of views” in mainstream news outlets?

The last people who should be lecturing us about a lack of diversity are the editors of the NY Times, who each night swap drafts of front pages with the Washington Post to set the grossly misnamed “national conversation,” before doling it out to their lapdogs at the AP, TV networks, daily metro papers, and local TV stations, who then obediently repeat it. Perhaps that’s why Gallup found that 63% of us think that the monolithic, center-left Press is biased and is either more conservative or liberal than we are. In fact, the FCC and the Times are the key culprits in America’s LACK of media diversity of views, and it will be a great day for the democracy Jefferson envisioned if either of them ever dissolved.


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