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We’re all in the entertainment industry now. Journalists, too! 12/18/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Entertainment.

showgirlThis week at Pajamas Media I note there’s no business like show business which, for journalists, is no business they know. Yet, while most have never realized it, journalists have always been in exactly the same business as Hollywood — the entertainment industry. And if that is not clear now, it soon will be. By placing all forms of entertainment on the same medium, the Internet has launched a Darwinian struggle in which news, entertainment, video games, blogs, porn, and the archives of each will now be direct, head-to-head competitors for the distraction of audiences from their daily concerns. You won’t want to miss this feature presentation now playing at Pajamas Media.


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2. LSDI : I giornalisti? Fanno più intrattenimento che informazione - 7/22/08

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