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Hollywood Writers: Their demand for a piece of the pie is a recipe for disaster 12/7/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Hollywood, WritersStrike.

The BeatlesThis week at Pajamas Media I focus on the issue of whether the Hollywood writers’ strike might fail because they are applying now-obsolete organized labor tactics to meet their demands for a cut of online revenues. The writers seem to be “fighting the last war,” following the old script in which mega-media corporations and labor unions fight over a large, dependable flow of cash — the dollars generated from hungry, entertainment-starved masses watching a government-induced, artificially low number of TV channels. But what happens when the masses are no longer hungry and can gorge themselves on a buffet of DVD, Internet, and video game entertainment? What happens when the Internet creates an unlimited number of channels over which the mega-media corporations must slug it out with everyone else for every entertainment dollar? What good is a strike when the problem is not “the man,” but the marketplace? Check it out on Pajamas Media, and be sure to read the comments section where I try to deliver a message that many do not want to hear.


1. Walter Abbott - 12/8/07

You have discovered the elephant in the room. Very soon there will be nothing for either side to bargain over, let alone call a strike. The media cartel created by the Hollywood/New York/Washington DC axis is collapsing with frightening speed.

I see it to be good news for our republic.

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