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Google is turning-up ad dollars no one knew were even there 12/6/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Google, Microadvertising.

In the now-fading era of mass media, it was all about being big. The FCC’s licensing of the broadcast spectrum artificially forced the television market into 3-4 big network affiliates per major metro. The economics of the printing press and the cartel-like operation of the AP forced the newspaper market into one big paper for most metro areas. The big size of these newspapers and TV stations meant advertisers had to be big, too — able to pay thousands of dollars for each broadly-received impression.

And then came Google, the behemoth that has shown us that it’s a small world after all. Tap in some keywords, hit the search button, and you will enter a tiny world seen only by those who share your keyworded interests. Look to your right and you will see ads from some very small companies looking for that miniscule group that includes keyworders like you. Many never would have been able to afford a newspaper or TV ad, falling short of the critical mass of mass media.

Now, Google is going offline, using its technology to help tap previously untapped micro-advertising markets on small cable channels in small markets. We may not know whether deep-pocketed mass media advertisers will ultimately spend as much on the Internet. But we do know that any losses will be at least somewhat offset by more shallow-pocketed ones. And in this age of uncertainty, that’s no small consolation.


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