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CNN learns that news media will now pay a much higher price for their traditional attempts to pick the Democratic Presidential nominee 11/18/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Bias, CNN.

MSNBC’s Howard Fineman has noted that the mainstream media has been most biased when it has exerted its power in the selection of Democratic Presidential nominees. It began in the 1960’s when CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite took sides against LBJ’s Vietnam war, spinning the Democratic Party into ideological disarray. Fineman said that led them to create their own “American Mainstream Media Party” to fill the power vacuum in the Democratic nomination process. Biased reporting helped nominate McGovern, Carter, and Clinton (I would add Kerry, by successfully getting us to focus on an inconsequential “scream” from Howard Dean).

CNN apparently tried the same stunt last week on Hillary Clinton’s behalf, possibly by planting questioners, fixing questions, asking softball questions, and stacking the post-analysis panelists. But thanks to a large and growing blogosphere, CNN’s shenanigans were more widely exposed than ever. Moreover this time, CNN is alienating not only viewers on the right, but also many on the left who oppose or are unexcited about a Hillary Clinton presidency. Sharp critics now include the highly influential lefty blogs Daily Kos and Talking Points Memo. Fineman said two years ago that now, because of the Internet, the American Mainstream Media Party was over. He was right, but some may be so punch-drunk on their own power that they can’t tell when it’s time to leave.


1. Walter Abbott - 11/18/07

Is this a story that the MSM should cover? Had Fox News hosting a Republican debate done what CNN did, the MSM’s coverage would be wall to wall.

2. Ed Driscoll.com - 11/18/07

Speaking Of Saving Old Media

“NY1 Anchor Quits After Calling a Show on the Station Under a False Name.” Fair enough–but if that’s the precedent that’s been established, shouldn’t there be a mass resignation turned in on Monday morning from the CNN crew and anchors…

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