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Mainstream news is terrified that Google will steal their power – But it’s not Google they should be worried about 11/16/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Google.

GoogleIn my article this week at Pajamas Media, I note that no group has done more whining about the threat posed by Google than journalists — but this mass hysteria by the mass media is hard to understand. After all, the Google News site is nothing more than a dumb, machine-driven aggregator of the same center-left, one-size-fits-all news stories carried by mainstream outlets.

The truth is that the press is deathly afraid they might lose their power to control the national conversation — and they are mortified they might lose it to private sector firms like Google that place top priority on profit and are indifferent to modern journalism dogma. Leading the media’s anti-corporate charge is PBS’ Bill Moyers, the movement’s Jesse Jackson, who tours the country giving fiery speeches about the dangers of corporate power. But Moyers’ America could not be more different from Thomas Jefferson’s America, in which government, not business, is seen as the potentially evil force that could threaten our freedoms. Read more at Pajamas Media.


1. Bob Jones - 11/16/07

I think government and business are both evil, which is why its best not to let either control the entire field … the status quo, believe it or not, is fine.

2. Dave Bertelsen - 11/19/07

But a business can’t control the entire fiield unless government eliminates the competition. So if you get government out of the way businesses will just compete for your dollar.

Anyway, I’m pretty grateful to the evil businesses that provide things like the internet and other technology. The beauty of capitalism is that companies doing things for their own self-interest benefits everybody

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