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One small step for MySpace, one giant leap for online. Web poised to prove its superiority over mass media to advertisers 11/11/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in MySpace, Segmentation.

In a perfect world, companies would only advertise to their best sales prospects. That way, they would not be paying for ad impressions wasted on non-potential customers, and they could fine-tune their messages to be as persuasive as possible. But, news media have been operating in a highly flawed world. As mass media deliverers of news products for general audiences, newspapers and broadcast TV news content are delivered each time to every member of their audience, giving advertisers virtually no opportunities to become more efficient by opting out of non-prospect households.

But now, News Corp’s MySpace has announced they will let advertisers target users by their stage of life such as college, graduation, working, marriage, and having kids – all of which line-up quite well with many purchasing habits. They have apparently developed algorithms that search pages for tell-tale signs of life changes, and will not rely solely on volunteered information. In these dwindling days of mass media, advertisers can only gain efficiencies by reaching the largest audiences. In the coming days of “Multitude Media,” advertisers will become efficient by reaching only the right audiences. “Segmentation” is the new “traffic.”


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