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Yellow Journalism: The Golden Age of American News 11/6/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in YellowJournalism.

headlines3.jpgIn my article this week at Pajamas Media, you will read that the biggest smear job ever done by journalists in the 20th century was not against a person, but against a type of journalism — “Yellow Journalism.” With a century of hindsight, we can now see that rather than being a regrettable era of scandal-mongering, sensationalism, and hyper-nationalism, it was a historical high point in news. The smearing of this movement was, in fact, a successful and semi-permanent power grab by elites that allowed them, and not the people, to control news for a century. But, soon we will finally be leaving journalism’s “dark ages.” Journalism will improve from where Yellow Journalism left off.


1. Boink Blogs - 11/7/07

[…] Journalism: The Golden Age of American News Steve Boriss added an interesting post on Yellow Journalism: The Golden Age of American NewsHere’s a small […]

2. Ben Calmes - 11/9/07

It seems to me that while “Citizen Kane” was overtly patterned on Hearst it was Henry Luce Orson Welles was really attacking, after all Luce accomplished far more than Hearst in terms of capturing and then molding American perceptions. Luce started TIME in order to rewrite the news which he and his co-founder literally did taking the week’s news stories and then choosing the ‘best’ ones for a rehash chock full of British ‘public school boy’ turn of phrase. That product was openly marketed to the elite and the wannabes. And LIFE was intended for the functionally illiterate and even more selective in what was deemed correct news coverage. Luce used his empire to shape the minds of millions and warped our understanding of China and the Chinese to this day.

Great post and I look forward to the day when the newsstand screams out different opinions!

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