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Blogs and Online News will ultimately converge into a single news medium that will combine the best features of both 10/22/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Blogs.

While blogs and mainstream online news might seem to be entirely different from each other, those differences are rapidly disappearing and some day will be gone entirely. Blogs were named as a short-form of “web logs,” and have never wandered from that concept. They provide news in reverse chronological order, so that the freshest news is easy to spot and news you might have recently missed is easily accessible. They have introduced a superior feature in news that can be applied across a broad range of material, regardless of whether the writer is an amateur or professional, the subject is personal or about a larger community, the content is fact or opinion, or the public can post comments or not. Mainstream online news has already begun to incorporate this reverse chronological feature, while many blogs have also begun to emulate traditional news formats by displaying stories in less transitory ways and publishing regularly-appearing items. In other words, their formats are converging.

The wall some now believe exists between blogs and “real news” will provide little to no protection for those in mainstream media. Some blogs like TechCrunch have already developed an advertiser-supported business model with millions in revenue and dozens in staff, while others are providing superior news reporting within their specialized fields. It is unfortunate that the term “blog” is being used to describe such a wide variety of web sites that have little in common except their reverse chronological format. It is keeping mainstream media from seeing the looming threat from some very capable and direct competitors.


1. Andy - 12/19/07

Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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