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Shock & Awe: Murdoch coordinating efforts of Wall Street Journal and NY Post to sink the NY Times 9/17/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Uncategorized.

In what could not possibly be a coincidence, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal (WSJ) and New York Post both announced today that they will be publishing glossy weekend magazine inserts supported by high-end, luxury advertisers. The Post will be inserting “Page Six” magazine in its Sunday editions, featuring celebrities, fashion, profiles, food, wine, and restaurants. Sunday’s first issue will be 96 pages, and will include ads from Calvin Klein, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and other high-end advertisers rarely seen in the Post. Then a year from now, the WSJ will begin inserting “Pursuits” magazine into its Saturday editions once per month. Exploring “the world of wealth,” this publication will include ads for luxury goods and travel.

All of which means that crosstown at the NY Times, the Gray Lady is bracing to have her purse snatched again. Last week, her stock price closed nearly 60% lower than it was 5 years ago. Within that period, the Post built a weekday circulation that is now 30% larger than the Times in the NY metro market. And now, the Post is poised to erode the Sunday Times business by tapping into the enormous, 65% upside potential of the Post’s Sunday edition. All this would require is appealing to its weekday readers, to bring its Sunday circulation more into line with its weekday paper — something the Times and the NY Daily News have already done. Worse still for the Times, rather than grow new advertisers, the Post seems intent on stealing high-end ones from the Sunday Times. Same goes for the WSJ, with its new weekend magazine. So, more tough times ahead for the NY Times, as one of Journalism’s most venerable institutions has also become its most vulnerable one.


1. C. Carson - 9/18/07

The New York Times is dying, it is only a matter of time before it goes under. It is still living in a 1960s mindset while the world has moved on. it would do itself a favor by not prolonging the agony – throw in the towel now!!

2. Sue - 9/18/07

And your point is?

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