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NY Times’ Walter Duranty now blogging from Hell. Tells us “it works,” just like the Ukraine under Stalin 8/24/07

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It is one of the darkest moments in the history of Modern Journalism, one for which the NY Times still owes the world an apology. Reporter Walter Duranty wrote a series of articles from the Ukraine about Stalin’s efforts to industrialize the nation – stories that uncritically backed Stalinist propaganda. He witnessed a famine that killed millions as a direct or indirect result of Stalinist planning, allegedly confiding to a British diplomat that the Ukraine had been “bled white.” But publicly, he denied that the famine had ever taken place and severely denounced reporters who claimed it did. Duranty won a Pulitzer Prize for his efforts, which the NY Times never surrendered despite a damning internal report.

Whether broadband is now available in Hell or someone on Earth just has a devilishly dark sense of humor, the ghost of Duranty now haunts the NY Times over the Internet. Now an avid blogger, Duranty tells us he is thrilled with his new assignment as the Times’ bureau chief in Hell, where it is as pleasant as the Ukraine under Stalin. In fact, it has “Great weather. No Humidity. Think Gaza, without the Israelis!” For a paper that takes itself and its reputation as seriously as the NY Times, maybe a gallows-humor laugh at their expense is just what is needed to shame them into asking forgiveness for their contributions to evil. But more likely, the Times will mimic Duranty by turning a blind eye, and viewing only their ideological opponents’ shortcomings as “news that’s fit to print.”


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