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LA Times supports freedom of the press for themselves, but not others 8/8/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Government, LA Times.

The government doesn’t like to be criticized, so they must be glad that the LA Times is so willing to help them. One might have hoped that one of our country’s “courageous” newspapers would cherish free speech, and immediately understand the utter inappropriateness and un-Americaness of government trying to silence a fellow newspaper. Yet, without the least hint of outrage, and without printing a single opposing view, the LA Times informs us that some Democrats, “already not particularly fond of Murdoch’s News Corp. because of the perceived Republican tilt of Fox News Channel…are urging the Federal Communications Commission to review [his purchase of the Wall Street Journal].” Also, that Sen. Dorgan (D-ND) is calling for a new, previously non-existent national media cross-ownership rule to block the sale.

Thomas Jefferson believed the most critical function of the press was to serve as a “fence” to prevent government from encroaching on individuals’ rights, especially freedom of the press. But, the LA Times has jumped the fence and now stands side-by-side with politicians, as both try to prevent citizen Murdoch from encroaching on the government’s presumed right to freedom from criticism.


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