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America awakens from its drug-induced news snooze 8/7/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Multitude of voices.

After decades of journalism and government-induced sedation, the vitality of our public discourse is coming alive again. The news has been not so much dumbed-down as numbed-down by a journalism culture that has embraced objectivity over passion, government power over self-reliance, and collaboration over competition. But even that did not make our news sufficiently dull and non-controversial for the tastes of the government, which further tranquilized the news by granting themselves the power to revoke licenses from broadcasters who failed to live-up to vague and arbitrary guidelines for airing “responsible” programming and achieving “fairness.” Ultimately, the news media became so disoriented that they could not even recognize their own uniform left-of-centerness.

But when the government’s defenses were down, relatively unregulated talk radio and cable TV penetrated the media bubble, invading the body politic with alien ideas. The first sign that feeling is returning has been an attention-starved Right itching for a fight to prove to themselves and everyone else that they are still alive, and just as anxious to get into arguments as their cousins on the other side of the Pond, per the video below.

Next, there will be prickly sensations from throughout the ideological spectrum from the far left to the far right as a multitude of voices warm-up for their new opportunities to be heard. When the news fully awakens and comes into equilibrium, with all its component constituents alive and kicking, the patient we know as America will be much healthier for it.


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