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First shots fired in the future of news. All media converge on the Internet in the Battle for Seattle. 8/5/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Convergence, Seattle.

In just a few years, the news media will become the news medium as the Internet becomes the dominant carrier of material that is now distributed by newspapers, radio broadcasts, and TV transmissions. And, the stakes could not be higher or more frightening for journalists. In Seattle as elsewhere, every local metro, community, and independent newspaper will be competing online against each other as well as against every local TV and radio newsroom, not to mention every site and blog with local news. Each will draw from all of the multi’s in multi-media (text, audio, video), news consumers will have their fingers on their mouseclick triggers, and only the best will be left standing.

Lost Remote sends us a dispatch from the battlefield, where all three TV stations (KING, KIRO, KOMO) send out nearly simultaneous breaking news e-mails, and each has a web site that captures the freshness and immediacy of a blog. The two metro daily papers’ web sites (Seattle Times, SeattlePI) are not too shabby either. Then there’s a new regional site that combines aggregated stories with some original reporting (Crosscut). And the two hip, entertainment-oriented, independent weekly newspapers, each with its own slick site (Seattle Weekly, The Stranger), and one with possibly the most popular blog in town (Slog). And, at least two national chain blogs with local news (Seattlest, Seattle Metroblogging). So if you want to participate in this historic taming of the wild, wild web, “Go Northwest, Young Man!”


1. Don - 8/8/07

Hey Steve.. it’s “Lost Remote” — not Local.


2. Steve Boriss - 8/8/07

Don, Looks like I lost my mind for a minute and invented an oxymoron. Fixed now. Thanks.

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