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Friday’s tragic news helicopter crash illustrates the customer-oriented culture that will help local TV news compete online 7/28/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Local TV news.

Our hearts go out to the families of the four who died Friday when two Phoenix TV news helicopters collided while covering a high-speed police chase. They lost their lives engaged in an activity that represents the best of what local TV stations have been doing for many years – striving to give TV viewers exactly what they want, as best as it can be provided, in a spirited competition with other local channels. Unlike many newspapers, local TV stations have always acknowledged that giving their audiences exactly what they want is a noble pursuit, even if it leads them toward the sensational. Also unlike most newspapers, local TV stations have, out of necessity, embraced competition, and have labored to make their news products more and more uniquely appealing to their audiences. This culture of customer-orientation, competition, and continuous improvement will give local TV affiliates an edge over local newspapers when all media have converged onto the Internet, and each is just one mouse click away.


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