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Citizen Paparazzi? Will ex-gang members, the homeless, and “MOPS” force us to redefine the term “photojournalist”? 7/9/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Paparazzi, Photojournalists.

Adrian Monck brings to our attention this Variety story that tells us that everyone — and I do mean everyone — now wants in on the act of snapping candid photos of celebrities. The public’s growing, insatiable appetite for reality in TV has apparently spread, and they thirst to see their celebrities “real,” too. But the latest is that the photographers themselves are becoming all-to-real, with professional paparazzi now being flanked by amateur MOPS (paparazzi-talk for “members of the public”), “ex-gang members, valets, waiters, dog walkers, even the homeless,” many of whom use cell phones to sell photos.

Citizen Paparazzi greet Paris Hilton

Recent live coverage of iPhone shoppers begged the question whether the term “reporter” needed to be redefined. Might we also need to redefine “photojournalist?” Or, if the public really is willing to trade-off the quality of photos for reality and immediacy, might they simply be replaced with reporters who can take amateur-quality photos?


1. Adrian Monck - 7/10/07

Photojournalists are already being squeezed out – see Sion Touhig‘s blog.

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