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iPhone shopper coverage is another major news milestone, this one suggesting “reporter” function is about to be reinvented 7/1/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Reporters, Witnesses.

As Jeff Jarvis notes, Friday’s customer rush for new iPhones brought us the 2nd major milestone in the future of news in the last couple of months. This time it was live, direct-over-the-Internet video coverage of an event by witnesses, without intermediation by news outlets. Last time, in April at Virginia Tech, video was also recorded and distributed by witnesses, but it was not live — there was an hour delay before it appeared online.

Taking a step back, the bigger picture is that emerging technologies are revealing all kinds of limitations that reporters have been working under that nobody ever really thought much about. To date, we have learned or been reminded that reporters have never been able to be everywhere news is breaking, to manage a multitude of sources providing different angles, to capture news in multimedia formats, or to possess expertise in every topic they cover. We have also learned there is news value in early, unverified information, the bane of Modern Journalism.

So suddenly, it looks like the recent debate over what a “journalist” is will be overtaken by a debate over what a “reporter” is, no doubt to be followed by a debate over what an “editor” is. With major news milestones now coming at us every two months, changes are now happening faster than we can debate them.


1. Larry - 7/2/07

how about a completly different take on this coverage. Howard Kurtz pointed out that Jobs made sure ‘key’ reporters were given free phones and complete access to the product – and these ‘journalists’ came out with rave reviews….

….however, they seemed to forget that reporting both sides of the story might be appropriate; e.g., that every year you have to send the phone BACK to the manufacturer to have the battery replaced! and that aint free.

Or the fact that the browser is so slow you would begin to yearn for Win98!

2.   links for 2007-07-02 by andydickinson.net - 7/2/07

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