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Today’s NY Times “miss”-piece on Murdoch indicts the federal government, not him 6/25/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Murdoch, NY Times.

Today’s NY Times’ hit-piece on Rupert Murdoch missed because they loaded their gun with blanks — weak, insignificant, innuendo-laden, political-insiderish, and just plain boring accusations. But after reading it, one could be forgiven for thinking that Murdoch’s success has had almost nothing to do with his aptitude in running news businesses and everything to do with knowing how to evade the overreaching arms of government — ironically, in a country with a Constitution that clearly states that news is none of the government’s business.

The article starts with his successful effort to keep the government from imposing new limits on local TV ownership, then goes on for pages and pages cataloging the bi-partisan “who’s who” to whom he’s had to suck-up to implement business plans in a “free” marketplace. Then, we come across “for more than 70 years, the federal government has regulated media ownership to protect against any entity gaining too much power over dissemination of information.” And based on this assertion, are we to go along with the Times’ implicit theme that the federal government has been good and Murdoch evil? In fact, the only powerful entity of concern that led the Founding Fathers to write the First Amendment was the federal government. Freedom of the press from…what? The federal government. A NY Times hit-piece on why the federal government was always in Murdoch’s way would have been much more on-target.


1. nigel barlow - 6/26/07


I think that you have hit the nail on the head in your interpretation of the article.Certainly in the Uk,Murdoch’s success has been based largely on the loosening of media ownership laws essentially under Mrs Thatcher’s government which allowed his expansion into Sat television broadcasting.
Whether this is clever manipulation of the government or simply an ability to take advantage of government legisaltion I would not hate to comment

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