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Is AOL quietly launching the fragmented-by-interest news of the future? 5/30/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in AOL, Fragmentation, Magazinification.

For decades, we have been living in a news era with a large and artificial divide. On one hand, we have been getting fresh and frequent news of government and business from a handful of fairly indistinguishable news outlets. On the other hand, we have been getting stale and infrequent news of countless other topics (e.g. beauty, health, sports, cars, fishing, lifestyle, recreation, and travel) from tens of thousands of diverse magazine titles. Now that the Internet can provide us with fresh and frequent news of these countless other topics, which many find more interesting than government and business, doesn’t this suggest news audiences are about to become highly fragmented? If three data points make a trend, that may be what AOL is thinking. Less than 18 months ago, AOL launched Hollywood celebrity gossip site TMZ.com, just two months ago they announced a plan to launch political gossip site TMZ DC, and today they launched “popular electronics” site Switched.com. The magazinification of news has begun.


1. prew - 10/5/08

Hi i’m really interested in your use of the word magazinification. I am currently writing my dissertation on the magazinification of newspapers. I’m wondering where you picked up the term, or if you know who first used it. I have scoured the internet myself and have come up with very limited resources. Would greatfully appreciate any information you could pass on?

2. Steve Boriss - 10/6/08


As far as I know, I invented the word myself. Good luck with your dissertation!


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