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Web site rankings suggest newspapers unlikely to dominate online news. Meanwhile, they unwittingly fund leader and competitor Yahoo. 5/29/07

Posted by Steve Boriss in Newspapers, Online news, Video, Yahoo.

While Critical Mention CEO Sean Morgan says newspapers will soon “rule the video world,” launching them into dominance of online news, a review of actual web site rankings provides a much less sanguine view. The top 10 news web sites in May (listed here, scroll down) consisted of 4 cable TV channels, 3 search engines, 1 magazine (People), 1 news aggregator (Drudge Report), and only 1 newspaper — the NY Times. This suggests that organizations which are better than newspapers at video and IT will ultimately dominate news. Worse still, newspapers are actually paying good money to support the leader and their competitor, Yahoo! News. Don’t believe me? Visit Yahoo! News and you will see a full page of stories provided by the AP, a not-for-profit which is almost entirely supported by fees and stories contributed by newspapers. Given that newspapers are already in a hole, they could at least stop digging by adjusting their relationship with the AP. But, that would still leave them in a hole.


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